I love to crochet plaid because I never know exactly how the pattern will turn out and I am always pleasantly surprised at how the colors blend.  This is a blanket I made for a dollhouse.  I used fine crochet cotton so it would drape properly for the scale of the dolls.

I’ve made plaid scarves and afghans with this.

Want to give it a try?

Here ya go:
1. Choose your colors and decide which will be the most dominant, the next dominant and so on.
2. Decide how many rows of each color and in what order you want them
3. Decide how wide you want the piece, chain to that length and add 6 chains.
4. Dc in 6th chain from hook
5. Ch1, skip next chain and dc in next. Continue to the end.  Chain 4 and turn (this equals 1dc and 1ch) skip 1 ch sp and 1 dc in next dc
6. Continue with your choice of colors until you get half way through your afghan.  At this point reverse your colors until you finish your mesh.


7. You have been crocheting east/west for the mesh, now you need to make chains (in the same color order as you used for the mesh) and weave them north/south


8. Finish off the ends as fringe or sew them in to the fabric.

I hope you have fun with this!